What is “la passione italiana”?

“Of course, you are Italian,” a Roman friend insisted years ago, “You have something more important than blood: la passione.” I accepted the compliment without fully comprehending its significance. Passion, I assumed, can bloom anywhere. Think of France, with its...

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LA PASSIONE in a Tuscan Hilltown

Two years ago I’d never even heard of Castiglion Fiorentino, a postcard-pretty town near Cortona, but when I arrived for my first visit, everyone seemed to know my name.  Posters featuring the cover of LA PASSIONEL How Italy Seduced the World dotted the streets.  

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Honoring Fathers and Father’s Day in Italian

In Italy La Festa del Papà  falls on March 19, the feast of San Giuseppe (St. Joseph), the husband of Mary and earthly father of Jesus. In the United States we celebrate  fathers on the third Sunday of June. I welcome any  chance  to honor the men we love so much–whatever the date and whatever we call them.

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A World Without Italy

Imagine a world without Italy: Painting without Leonardo. Sculpture without Michelangelo. Literature without Dante. No Verdi choruses or Puccini arias. No Fellini films or Ferrari roar. Heavens uncharted, vines unplanted, tables bereft of pasta, pizza, and a Sicilian cake so divine that its bakers swore it could make the dead breathe again.

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Celebrating a Nation and a Saint in Italy

Throughout Italy  the Festa della Repubblica (Festival of the Republic) on June 2 commemorates the day in 1946 when the Italian people voted for a republic as their national form of government. Our adopted seaside town of Porto Ercole on the western coast of Tuscany...

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An Interview on LA PASSIONE in English–and Italian

L-Italo-Americano-Dianne-Hales-La Passione-May-16-2019 by Catherine Accardi L’Italo-Americano had the opportunity to speak with Dianne Hales about her book and her “Italian-ness” at the presentation of LA PASSIONE: How Italy Seduced the World at the Italian Cultural...

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