“A” is for Amore

I fell madly, gladly, giddily in love with Italian decades ago. Yearning to communicate with its speakers, I set out to learn their language by immersing myself in classes, movies, videos, and conversation groups. One of my earliest formal lessons focused on the Italian alphabet.  Although its 21 letters look identical to their English counterparts (minus j, k, w, x, and y), they don’t sound the same.

The differences go beyond pronunciation. To me, each letter brings to mind a word that represents a different aspect of Italian life and culture.  I’ve put together my alphabetical musings in a new e-book you can download as a free PDF here.

Based on decades of research, writing, and wandering, “A” Is for Amore takes readers on a whimsical letter-by- journey through the Italian ABCs. You’ll travel to Florence and Rome, savor Italians’ favorite dishes, delve into the worlds of fashion and wine, meet Dante, Leonardo, and the irresistible Italian man, and gain a new appreciation of the Italian “H” (acca) and “Z” (zeta).

If you love Italy, you’ll learn more about the country and its people. If you come from an Italian family, you’ll discover more about your heritage.  If you’re an Italian student or teacher, you’ll find a light-hearted perspective that complements vocabulary and grammar lessons. If you are an armchair adventurer, you don’t need to know any Italian to enjoy the ride.

“A” Is for Amore is my love letter to Italy, its people, and all my readers, with great appreciation for your support.  I hope this small gift will entertain and uplift you.

Buon viaggio!