Falling in Love in the Italian Language

Feb 3, 2011

Amore heart



Love truly is lovelier in Italy. “Anywhere else,” the nineteenth-century French writer known as Stendhal observed, “it is only a bad copy.”

Only in Italy can love’s colpo di fulmine (lightning bolt) set off spasimi (spasms) of infatuation of such Richter-scale force that they transform love-struck suitors into spasimanti, corteggiatori, innamorati, pretendenti, or, if almost fatally stricken, cascamorti. In English a heart breaks just like a dish, but a lovesick Italian soul claims a word of its own — spezzare — when it shatters into bits.  

Almost all classic Italian music and writing seems to be about love. Why? I asked an Italian composer and Petrarchian scholar. His reply: “What else is there?” I cannot imagine a citizen of any other nation—certainly no buttoned-down Brit or ambitious American, not even a flirtatious Frenchman or seductive Spaniard—making this statement.

How is that love, or maybe just the love of love, has embedded itself so deeply in the Italian psyche that the entire nation is crazy for love? Solo chi ama conosce, says an Italian proverb. Only those who love understand.

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Words and Expressions

essere innamorato di — to be in love with

essere perdutamente innamorato –- to be hopelessly in love

amante della lirica, amante degli animali, etc — an opera lover, animal lover, etc.

amore a prima vista — love at first sight

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