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Jan 15, 2015


Gli argomenti più cliccati

The Most Clicked Topics

The whole world “googled” in 2014, but people in different countries searched for somewhat different topics. According to a year-end report by Google, the top argomenti emergenti (trending topics) for 2014 in Italy included searches for cockroaches and head lice, recipes for barbecue and brownies and for universally beloved personalities like Robin Williams.

Here are the top ten lists in various categories:

Perché (Why?)

1. Vengono le blatte: cockroaches come

2. Pepa muore: Pepa , the heroine of a very popular telenovela, called Il Segreto, dies. Spoiler Alert: Pepa dies giving birth.

3. bugiardino: "Little liar," derived from bugiardo (liar), an ironic name for the patient information leaflet included in every medicine package.

4. energie rinnovabili: renewable energy

5. Si soffre: One suffers

6. Vengono i pidocchi: lice come or why we get lice

7. guerra Vietnam: the Vietnam war, with many still searching for an explanation 

8. Porcellum incostituzionale: Porcellum is the nickname of a controversial law (Legge Calderoli) that changed the Italian election system. Many consider it unconstitutional.

9. Piango sempre: I am always crying.

10. Si arrossisce: One blushes

Cosa significa (What does … mean?)

1. Selfie: There is no Italian translation; "selfie" remains selfie  in Italian.

2. P.v.: Prossimo venturo, meaning "next" or "coming," as in “il convegno si terra’ mercoledi p.v." (the conference will take place this coming Wednesday")

3. Nfc: Near Field Communication, a set of ideas and technologies that enable smartphones and other devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity

4. Giargiana: a foreigner, someone who speaks an unknown language

5. Virale: viral

6. Umts: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, a third generation mobile cellular system

7. Sms: Text message

8. Inps: Istituto Nazionale Previdenza Sociale (National Social Insurance Agency))

9. Ortodosso: Orthodox

10. xoxo: baci e abbracci (kisses and hugs)

Parole (Words)

1. Mondiali 2014: World Cup 2014

2. iPhone 6

3. Robin Williams

4. Grande Fratello: Italy's version of Big Brother

5. Istanze on line: Il progetto POLIS (Presentazione On Line delle IStanze), a digital project that handles bureaucratic procedures in a more efficient way.

6. Ebola: the deadly virus

7. Michael Schumacher: The alltime champion Formula 1 driver who remains in critical condition after a sking accident 

8. La grande bellezza: The Oscar-winning movie

9. Temptation Island: Reality show

10. Sanremo 2014: The annual music festival

Come fare (How to)

1. barbecue: yes, as in all-American grilling

2. ciambelle: a ring-shaped cake with a hollow center

3. refil: acrylic nail refill, a nail technique very popular in Italy

4. tortellini: ring-shaped pasta typically stuffed with a mixture of meat or cheese

5. malocchio: the evil eye 

6. sugo: sauce

7. orecchini:  ear-shaped pasta

8. politica: politics

9. Scoubidou: the animated cartoon dog, beloved in Italy as well as in the U.S.A.

10. Henné: henna

Ricette (recipes)

1. chiacchiere: Mardi Gras treats

2. piadina romagnola: a flatbread from Italy's Romagno region

3. castagnole: Carnivale sweet fritters

4. brownies

5. rainbow cake: a cake with six or seven colorful layers and a buttercream icing

6. uova ripiene:  stuffed eggs

7. guacamole

8. bagels

9. crema vulcanica: a kind of custard cream

10. sanguinaccio: black pudding

Dianne Hales is the author of MONA LISA: A Life Discovered and LA BELLA LINGUA: My Love Affair with Italian, the World's Most Enchanting Language.

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