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January 30, 2020

Cari amici,

La signora è americana ed è una giornalista, due specie che mettono me perlomeno in guardia.“ (The lady is American and a journalist, two species that, at the least, put me on guard.)

“On guard” is exactly how I felt when I began reading this review of La Bella Lingua: La Mia Storia dell’Amore con L’Italiano, recently published by Treccani. Instead, the author, Professore Pasquale D’Ascola, praised my book as “elegante e snello, così valentino, denso di sapere, di studio e di amore per l’italiano e per i native” (elegant and graceful, like a Valentine, full of knowledge, of study and of love for Italian and for its natives). Grazie, Professore, per le belle parole!

These kind words mean so much to me because of my deep affection and appreciation for Italian, Italy and Italians. I am delighted that the Italian translation of La Bella Lingua is now available from, IBS books, Libreria Pino and other independent booksellers.

The distinguished author and professoressa Valeria Della Valle officially presented the Italian translation of La Bella Lingua in Rome at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. My thanks to Valeria and Massimo Bray, direttore generale of Treccani, who described La Bella Lingua as “un libro importante per diffondere l’interesse e l’amore per la lingua italiana” (an important book for spreading interest and love for the Italian language).

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