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January 2022

Cari amici,

The start of a new year is a good time to follow the example of the Roman god Janus,  whose two faces allowed him to look back to  the past and  ahead to the future.

As 2022  begins, I  recall 2009, the year when La Bella Lingua was published and when I began a blog on the Italian language.  Readers around the world embraced my biography of the world’s most lovable language, and it became a New York Times and national best seller. The President of Italy awarded me the great honor of an Italian knighthood for its contribution to promoting the Italian language.

My blog, which has reached more than half a million readers, brought the added delight of hearing from others who share my passion for Italy. But like Janus, I must look toward the future. And so, with a heart overflowing with gratitude for the joys Italy and Italian have brought me, I am ending original posts on my blog. Previous posts will be available at, categorized both by subject and date. I will continue to host the La Bella Lingua group on Facebook and to post on Instagram and Twitter.

Recently  I did an in-depth interview with Tiziano Dossena of L’Idea Magazine, which allowed me to reflect  on my trilogy of Italian books.

View the excerpt on the full newsletter here.

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