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June 2021

Cari amici,

For decades summer meant Italy to me. We would leave California just after Memorial Day, fly to Rome and drive the Aurelia north to the Argentario on the Tuscan coast. Every day we swam and hiked and sailed, lingered for hours over lunch on sun-dappled terraces, talked long into the night with friends at candle-lit dinners. Not this year. Not yet.

To all who are returning to Italy, I say, “Buon viaggio!” May your travels be smooth and safe. May you savor Italy’s loving embrace and enjoy each moment to its fullest. For the rest of us, I will be posting a series of blogs on my website on “Summer in Italian,” featuring the words and expressions that make the season especially sweet.

I also want to update readers on the language schools of Italy, which were battered by the pandemic. The petition that I wrote about in a previous newsletter garnered more than 7,000 signatures from around the world. Many schools began offering classes in the Spring, with the official green light on July 1.

I asked some teachers of LICET (Lingua Italiana Cultura e Turismo), a consortium of schools promoting Italian and cultural tourism, why foreigners should study Italian in its native land. View their responses on the full newsletter here.

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